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Hi everyone,


I don't know about you but I have an issue with most OTAs regarding the following two topics:

1/ partnership: all OTA's pretend to be "partners" Besides the fact that they all copy one another, what is a partnership? To me a partner will share not only revenue but more importantly losses. I am sorry to say, but I consider to be merely a client as I am charged a commission.

2/promotion, discounts, specials, etc... Who of the two within that supposed partnership has to dig always deeper in its pockets to supposedly attract more bookings? US and only US! What prevents an OTA from reverting a portion of their 15% commission (which by the way is the rate charged by ALL OTA's throughout the bord.  Again where's the originality in here?!...) back to the guest? The first one that would have the guts to do so would make them stand out from the rest.

We offer a 30% discount for last minute booking. Onto this you can stack an additional 10% in case of a so called "Genius" guest making the booking + 15% commission + 15% VAT = leaving me with a pittyful 30% revenue. Barely enough to pay for my overheads. At this rate, I might as well stay empty...

Good luck to all hospitality business owners during these dreadful moments and if OTA also felt the drastic blow in their revenue, they are miles away from what we are enduring.

Kind regards / Yves

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BrookAve 1 year ago

Indeed it can seem that way.