Payment not received for last month

It is now 22 November, and we have still received no payout for October. On its website Booking.com claims to guarantee partners payment by 15th of the month -- but what does that word mean? Nothing, apparently to Booking.com. We have tried sending messages to the Finance department, but had no response, and the phone line is no help at all. This delay causes us serious cashflow problems that threaten our survival as a business. It's utterly disgraceful. How can we trust or continue to do business with this company? 



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Hi Nadia


As partners we are very limited on what we can share, link and advise when it comes to Finance matters.


Not everyone is having the same root cause.

Not everyone is using the same regional/ country  finance department., not the same support team, not the same finance team.


So one in country X and you in Y, while both say, not getting paid since 2 months, does not make it the same issue.

There are plenty kicking up a storm on here about payments every few weeks, but unfortunately not a whole lot I or anyone else here can do about it.


If it was me , I would make sure I have submitted it via Extranet Inbox > booking Messages first, then weekly phone them every Wednesday, to chase it up. Then once I'm off the phone, reply to the last reply on it in inbox. rinse and repeat.


Note: the finance contact info will differ but in general, historically, I would say only use it once per issue. Then use the BdC Partner Support info going forward. (Link to visual guide below).

There was something said in another similar topic recently about Finance having a limited team, working hours, and a backlog. I just dont know what region/country they were in .




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