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People booking rooms through, me sitting up until midnight waiting for them to arrive, they do a no show, so i put it through as a no show, then i get an email in the morning telling me the person has cancelled there booking.

You cant cancel a booking the day after you was supposed to check in. We turn other paying guests away and then the room sits empty and we dont get any fee at all. We need to be notified as soon as a booking is cancelled. Also most of the phone numbers provided are not in service when we try to contact regarding an arrival time, So i am not sitting up until all hours of the night for no result. 

Greg Sandow

Hi i have quite a few times reported these as no shows, but the emails the next day state the customer has cancelled there booking? 

Sergei - Commu…

Is it possible that you may miss the notifications or messages for some reason? Have you checked it in your extranet? 

Greg Sandow

No I make sure that there are no messages before putting down a no show. It just seems strange that literally 2-3 minutes after putting someone as a no show I then get an email saying they have cancelled. But you still cant cancel the day after either way, only thing is gets a fee but acommadation provider gets nothing.


wow, ok well like sergei said, find the copy of the notification both email inbox you use and the extranet messages..


check the time stamp, either way they cant just cancel on the day of. was this also prepaid to BdC at time of reservation online checkout? I would not entertain a refund at all.