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Petition to change review system

Hi Team,

Just another conversation on a topic that has been beaten to death under these threads

Despite all that's happened in the world, this is still a very important & relevant topic for many properties around the globe. Our biggest cause for concern is the overall rating being chosen by the guest rather than automatically generated from the ratings they give to the seperate elements of their stay.

Please like or comment on the thread to keep this issue front of mind for BDC. Otherwise, please remain respectful & kind to one another. 


Team @ Alpine View Motel

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Indeed we all agree , and some for very different reasons, and different perspectives.


But making another topic  instead of just replying to the massive chain of replies is not going to achieve anything new , or indifferent to the cause.


and as you can see this is not a priority for BdC, considering its be  many months since it died out  in terms of replies. of course with the current climate and covid19, there are bigger issues to deal with, and priorities have changed.


Kind Regards.

Rodger MacKenz…

*Edit, original response was a bit flippant to brook. For that, we apologise. 

I fully appreciate the sentiment. The previous thread had hundreds of replies and posts from our community that showed that we weren't really happy with the change.

I'm not sure why the old thread died, probably a combination of time and other issues taking more precedence. On reflection, rather than resurrecting the old thread, we thought that a new thread would help keep the number of posts created on this topic kept in this thread rather than across all the different forums. I know you've commented on a few Brook that keep springing up. 

We wanted to create a new thread in a newer "down the line" context than the former thread to keep highlighting that the community still has issues with the review system. Namely,

  • Guests should continue to give individual ratings for different factors such as cleanliness, location etc but the overall rating should be based on each of the individual ratings
  • There should be a more robust dispute process with reviews than the current system. I appreciate isn't eager to police reviews but the global trend with other large platforms is moving towards guests/partners giving verifiable, provable evidence rather than fake news. Properties (& guests) should be able to provide evidence of a guest (or Properties) mal-intent (such as trashing a room) in support of an application removing a bad review. 
  • We want to be more like 'partners' rather than 'customers' with - Bad review scores have a sizeable impact on guest bookings and therefore commissions payable to BDC. I'm not saying BDC should remove all negative reviews at behest of the property but our concerns should be listened and responded to professionally. 

Most of all though, we still want a space where partners can come and talk about how this issue continues to impact their business. We've gone from an 8.4 to an 8.3 (shocking I know) but there are other partners who have seen a much more radical drop.

Hope this provides much needed clarity.

Kind regards