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Photos have been removed from your gallery

God morning,

Received the mail from BDC "

Dear Partner,

For your property Lala Panzi (***) one or more photos have been removed from your gallery as they breached our guidelines. In order to make sure you show your property in the best possible light, we don’t accept photos:

  • That are not related to the property or to travelling
  • That are misleading to guests
  • That contain illicit materials (e.g. drugs and guns)
  • That contain offensive or pornographic content
  • That contain contact details, license plates, rates, watermarks or trademarks from any online travel platform apart from
  • That show animal cruelty (e.g. elephant riding and caged animals)

Thank you for refraining from uploading this image or images similar in the future.

Want to know more about what kind of photos help sell your property best? You’ll find photo inspiration and information on our photo guidelines on this dedicated page on the Partner Help Centre.

Thank you, Your Partner Support team


Would like to learn how can I find out which photo was removed and more importantly why?

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi Lala,


Since this is only a Partner Community please resend your message request through your Extranet inbox tab directly to BDC.


Wish you well?


Lala Panzi 1 year ago

Our Partner community in Plettenberg Bay is not just any odd Community. It discusses these things seriously. BDC is acting without transparency in a dictatorial manner, without any éxplanation:

1. Removed picture without any communication

2. Removed the picture even without any type of warning or a chance for the B&B to discuss or explain

3. No explanation given why the removal

Is that BDC's FAIR treatment of its customer type "B&B"?

That comes across pretty arrogant.

With all due respect for a company that has just been selected for the Travellers Review Awards 2021and an average rating of 9.6 it is not a fair treatment. I would appreciate it, if you could improve.  Thank you very much Rainer Hengstmann, Director

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BrookAve 1 year ago


Your argument is flawed, as this is already covered in the conditions you should have read before uploading. 


Also their response does tell you why, its how you are interpreting it is the crux of the misperception  and misunderstanding. 


Your next step should be to re read or read in full the photo guidelines,

Then review all existing photos remaining.

Then see where you have a need to update or add additional if actually needed.


Kind regards

Lala Panzi 1 year ago

Sorry to say, but you have not improved. 

For your information I have had an argument with BDC before, because one of our guest reviewed us 4.0 before Christmas in peak season, based on a lie, triggering a fire alarm and almost burnt the B&B down. And BDC did not publish our answer for over a month and finally reasoned that we did not comply with the non-publishment of private information because we wished our guest a safe trip home to JHB.  The JHB was too much private information released of our guest!!! The excuse could not have been worse. Here the missinterpretation of the rules is on BDC's side.

And you can rely on me having read your photo guide lines very carefully.

I have not uploaded a single photo which has contravened the guidelines. And just for your further information: I sleep at home, not at work and that means, I have done before I sent my first comment what you recommended, i.e. "read in full the photo guidelines. Then reveiw all existing photos remaining. Then see, where you have need to update or add if actually needed".

You, however, evade the answer to my question: which photo was removed and for what reason? 

And as I have written previously already, this conversation is published amongst our Partner Community in Plettenberg and people shake their heads about so much arrogance, not to answer a simple question.

Yours faithfully

Rainer Hengstmann


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BrookAve 1 year ago

 "...but you have not improved. "

You seem to be under another illusion..... you are NOT talking to BdC right now.

This is partner hub community, not Partner Support Team.

and the BdC Community Team is not Partner Support either.

Lala Panzi 1 year ago

My sincere apologies for having misunderstood to whom I am talking. I am very sorry and will stop it right now.  

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago you do anything else...


Sorry for all your troubles ?