Please can you give me some advice, is anybody else in the same is situation as we are with the Preferred Partner Programme

We operate in a small conservancy village which is in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our accommodation offers ocean frontage, luxurious very spacious accommodation and large private patios. Our market is niche with the client base essentially being Nature Lovers. The B&B's in the area and surrounding villages can't be compared as such as none have the same offering as we do. We are the most expensively priced accommodation in the area, however we operate on the basis of 5 star whilst we are graded 4 star, and have a loyal return client base. We recently signed up for the Preferred Partner Programme and have been advised by Booking.com that we no longer meet the criteria and we have 30 days to attend to this, alternatively we will be removed from this programme.

Our Performance score from Booking.com is 80% for expected annual sales and customer demand.

Our Client review score is 99%

Our Pricing Score is 60%, which is based on how competitive our prices are on Booking.com compared to other platforms. 

They are wishing to penalise us based on our pricing score. This boggles the mind as they are now basically dictating what we should charge

I do not believe that Booking.com are comparing "apples with apples". We are reluctant to participate in the discount king approach as it is not financially viable to us as we have a limited trading season as this is a summer coastal destination. 

We are also stuck between a rock and a hard place due to the "Parity clauses" imposed by all the OTA's, Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda etc which does not allow us to market our property cheaper even on our own website than on theirs. Check out this interesting article: https://www.otainsight.com/resources/blog/the-decline-of-rate-parity-clauses-and-what-this-means-for-hotels

However being located in South Africa we have nothing regulating parity clauses. I'd appreciate any input here. Discounting ourselves into a corner is not the solution with the increase in cost of living across the board which will then ultimately affect the quality of product we are offering.







Honestly as someone who also has it , and it now seeing a drop in bookings , due to the winter and xmas season, and it if continues to when the next PP  review date is , we are auto removed from it.


So with that said, lets manage realistic expectations... at the end of the days its just another promotion gimmick, so I'm not bothered if it disables. Like you said you can only tweak pricing and promotions so far until it becomes unfeasible.


What I am saying it is not worry about it at all, you will still be listed as normal just not pinned to the top. It is what it is. 



Note: it is just an algorithm not a human decision.

Kind Regards


Barry thanks so much for the response, its very much appreciated. Frustrating but real.

regards Karen


*** preferred partner. I was one for a day and they charged me 3 percent more for a little yellow thumb. So I canceled.  Why would you pay booking more?  Did you notice more bookings than usual with this program?