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Hello, I have a problem with availability on my rooms.

For example, in the one-bedroom apartment I have 3 type like this and in some dates, I have more than 5 reservations while I have only 3 apartments the apartment is not showing sold-out but is still bookable what can I do?

On 11 August I have 10 net booked while I have only 3 apartments.

Appreciate who answer.

Thank you
 who answer 

Leandri Klopper

Hi there!

Wow that is a big problem. I know that you can add more rooms back to the availability. So I list that I have only 3 units to rent out but technically we have 164. So because we advertise on many platforms, I load 3 at a time on Booking.com so that I don't overbook. There is a Availability Optimization thingy in the Rates and Availability where it tells you what dates are sold out. There is an option where you can add the rooms back. Maybe you clicked on that?

Do you have a channel manager? Did they not replenish?

Otherwise, ask Booking.com to track down how that happenned.

Best of luck!

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Off topic:

You just allow 3 allotment on BDC out of 164? You have no idea what you're losing out on.

Besides, a Channel Manager's job is to not allow overbookings and it's pretty simple. I work with 4 rooms and never had this issue since I have a CM and I sell all rooms on all channels.

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com

Leandri Klopper

Hi Zsolt!

It sounds bad hey? But mostly I check the stock pool before I allocate to Booking.com. The most I've had listed is 5 per Type. So the resort has 164 units but there are 5 odd different Types of chalets/lodges/apartments.

Mostly I only list a few considering we have 2 fantastic reservationist that works with the other platform who enjoys marketing group bookings. So today they will have 30 lodges open for a certain date, and tomorrow there are only 2 open. And they have this knack for not telling me they made a group booking.

Granted, you do manage to work in a CM into almost every post you make :-P It's making me question my decision not to use one. I'm busy researching it.

My performance is quite low on this specific property... I think I'll try listing every single unit for a specific date and see how it goes. Feedback to follow.


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Dear Leandri,

Having that many units and not having a CM, you are committing suicide. SERIOUSLY

If you really want to get this sorted out in a very professional way, I can help you find the best solution and set it up as well.

Usual business increase from what you have now to what you could have should be around 300%. If done the way I'm doing it with multisplit channels.

BUT you will not only need the CM, you will need a PMS to go with it. It will be a big change but looking at what you have, is absolutely necessary.

Drop me an e-mail and let's talk this over.

This is why properties need Consultancy Services like the ones I offer, because there are things which are not capitalized on and could make you lose a bunch of business.

Best regards,

Zsolt - www.thuild.com