Problem to communicate with booking

Hello ,
Booking is a good platform for finding customers but the big problem with them is how to contact them
Sometimes i send them a message, they reply instantly they have received my mail and will reply but at the end they don't care about what you have written to them.

My apartment is in booking . My appartment is occupied by my cousin since august.
I had some reservations in this period , i sent message to the customers ( normally booking read them) . Despite tbat , booking send me invoices while i dind't receive any customers




If the customers did not arrive you should have marked them as "no-show", available at the right hand side of their booking page. This must be done quickly for each non-arrival, before the feature expires.

Zamambongi Gue…

I paid R263.92 on 17 February 2020 but I am blocked and not bookable because of the same invoice I paid? Why?