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I am wondering if anyone else has had similar issues? I have nothing but trouble with It is near impossible to get through to them and if you do they hang up?? I am so frustrated.

On the 27/11/20 I received a booking at 9.33pm. I was unaware of the booking because I was in bed at the time but as usual had my phone on so I could receive calls from guests out of hours. I received a phone call from Croatia at around 11pm ( I have no idea if this was from or not). We have been advised by our Government not to answer calls from overseas countries at ‘unusual’ times because it is usually from scammers. There was no message left so I assumed this was a scam call. I then checked my emails and found that I had received a booking and the guest had been trying to check in to my property at 11pm. This is outside my check in time but I would have been more than happy to receive this guest as all I had to do was to give them the key code for the key box which is at the front door of the property. should know this as it is on my booking page. did not leave a message nor did they advise the guest to try to call me directly as I understand my number is given to the guest once they have made the booking. What do I pay 15% commission for if can’t even make the effort to leave a message for me to call or email them back? How is this acceptable customer service?

I then received an email from to say that the guest had been cancelled. I tried on several occasion to phone that evening but could not get through. I then wrote an email at 1.30am requesting someone call me back but this did not happen.

The next morning I received an email from apologising for not contacting me and that any commission would be waived. This is what they said, “I apologise if our handling of this reservation was not up to your expectations as I am aware that the lost revenue is quite significant.” I have now received an invoice for guest complaint of $484 (invoice ***) which I dispute as could have contacted me but did not. It is clearly a problem with their procedures as there was no barrier to this guest checking in if I had been contacted. As a result, the guest did not stay and the reservation was cancelled. I lost $1200 and after the year I have had with COVID 19 this is not something I could afford. I had to shut my 2 houses down for 6 months with no income.

I have been with for nearly 10 years and am extremely disappointed in the way I have been treated. I have tried to phone to speak to someone about this on numerous occasions but either I can’t get through or I am hung up on. When I phone the number on my extranet it says it is disconnected.

I finally got through (after searching the internet for an alternative number) and have today spoken to the customer service department who I was able to relay the situation to. The person I spoke to was very apologetic but said that she cannot do anything for me from their end and my only option is to write to via my extranet .....again. There is no number to call and speak to anyone from finance. have not told me what the costs are for or any other details in relation to the invoice. No one from the finance department will speak to me or return my calls.

I just had a look at the "Our promise' tab and it made me laugh because they offer none of what they promise. I have paid thousands in commissions over the years and this is the service they offer. Not good enough I'm voting with my feet!

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BrookAve 1 year ago



Sorry to hear, hopefully its gets sorted soon.


Sounds like you've done everything you can, and just now need to wait for the backlog to catchup.


On the scam call misinformation,  you can safely answer your phone, regardless of the incoming number.


Once you hear it not a guest, or a cold caller just hang up.


you could simply ask them to provide reservation number to quick confirm if genuine guests 


Having pulse app installed to quickly confirm.



Kind regards