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Problems in receiving guest messages

Hi all,

first: sorry for my bad english. But i hope you can understand me :)

My problem is, that my guests didn't receive the messages, i wrote via Pulse. On the other site, i didn't receive their messages. If they do, they get the message some days too late. I phoned to Booking, they told me, there are apperently technical problem in communications with Pulse/ Booking. 

Do somebody has the same problem? It is a shame, really. Paying such high commissions, and booking cant handle basics in guest administration.

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Aaltje B. 2 years ago

Sorry to hear about your problems with receiving guest's messages. 

If BDC say they want to solve it, then they will. 

Alternatively try communicating via email that has been given at the time of booking. 

Via desktop. 

I use both. But always check my desktop as well. Pretty good combination. 


Hope this helps, and that BDC will sort this soon. 


Aaltje B. 



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Community Admin 2 years ago

Dear Mr. Titel! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Sometimes the described issue might appear if your are using an outdated app version. To make sure your Pulse app is updated, we would advise you to delete the app and then install it again (do not worry, all your login credential will remain the same).

If the issue persist, please contact our Customer Support department and provide the following info: your phone model, app version and a reservation number (where you noticed issue with sending a message).


Best regards.