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Promotions, rate plans and visibility booster

With all the many opportunities to promote your properties, i.e. rate plans, visibility booster, genius, promotions etc and the fact that some opportunies stack up it is easy to over promote and loose a lot of income unneccessarily.

Would love to have your advice regarding the best of the above to promote your property.


Isle of Wight …

Hi Silvia

There are a lot of options to offer discounts - and some of them stack so that the discounts are huge. Of course, with the high fees, we have to increase prices to maintain an income, and this then prices out other potential guests who may not be eligible for certain discounts like Genius. Also, not everyone is eligible for Genius discounts, so if we use Genius, we are targeting a smaller market and could get fewer bookings.


Last weekend, I removed various discount offers and adjusted prices and bookings came in from non-Genius guests at the normal rate.


I think the only discounts I will run now will be short "near time" discounts for everyone. So, if I have unbooked nights next week, I will run a discount only for those nights. This is much the same as works well on AirBnB.

M Adamopoulou

Hello Silvia nice to have you here.

Thanks for posting!!!!

Promotions and opportunities can be confusing sometimes especially for us newbie.

I try to have few promotions to keep it simple...

Guests of course love to  search and discover promotions...

Wish you a wonderful day.

Mehdi Ebrahimzadeh


with respect

we write from hotel vaki in Tbilisi Georgia

our account manager is deleted stars and golden like and genius program.

we write in the extranet and back the stars and golden like but genius program not back.

hotel vaki in Tbilisi is work very good with booking and the ranking is very high(3)

but the local account manager said to us why your hotel has more reservation and deleted everything.

and now anybody can not protect us from this behaviour.

please help us if possible.

we lose the business for personal decided from the local account manager.

Bandara Hotels…

I suggest that you should ask to change your Account Manager. They have no right to delete your promotion or edit anything on your hotel extranet without hotel approve. You can complain to them.


I only use Genius & Preferred program.

For the past 356 days (782 bookings):

73,2% genius guest bookings

26,8% normal guest bookings 

Bandara Hotels…

Hi Silvia, each hotel have their unique promotion strategy depend on various thing such as your type of hotel, type of customer, what your aim, etc. And there is no 100% fix solution as the world is changing all the time and very fast.


Therefore for your best offer promotion, you have too keep adapt accordingly to your goals. I have attached promotion logic for your reference.