Property Closed/Not bookable


I joined BDC with my 2nd property a couple of months ago, verified it via mail and everything was fine until 4 days ago when I logged in and discovered my 2nd property was marked as "Closed/Not Bookable". There was no email or messages as to why this happened, and when I inquired I got an answer along the lines that "It may take few weeks to verify the property". 

We are obviously losing on a bunch of revenue since it's high season right here. Is there a phone number I can reach to inquire about this and speed up the process? I am deeply disappointed by the way BDC treat their partners, it was my favorite platform prior to this. 

Sinsiree Sanguansub

No, the issue hasn't been resolved. I've sent multiple messages through Inbox and always received a generic messages that my message has been transferred to the relevant department. 


Meanwhile, we're getting a lot of bookings through other platforms. We have 2 more guests that booked via Booking.com that will stay in the property at the end of this month. If it's not resolved after that, I'll probably remove that listing. 


Even in case there was a mistake of any kind on our part that caused the closure, it would be much better for both parties to be upfront and transparent as avoidance and silence is not doing anyone any favors. I am very disappointed by the lack of communication from Booking.com .