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"Quiet room" request

Am I the only one? For the past 10 days or so every booking is followed by an email request for a "Quiet Room".  Is this a bug in the system or is everyone suddenly wanting quiet?

Lisa Lamothe

Having the same issue here and soundproof rooms is also checked "NO" for us.

Mari Jackson

Same here and it's baffling me too. Where do we find an answer for this problem?



no where ,as its a bug, just ignore it, theres nothing you can do about it anyway.


Hello Chase BarberLisa LamotheMari JacksonBrookAve! From what I can see it is a bug. The bright side is that the product team is already aware of it. They are already working on fixing this issue. Thank you for flagging this! 


I keep getting this also! and im in Blackpool, there is nowhere in the town that's quiet! 

James Earl

Yes, been getting this too all of a sudden for the past few weeks! If it's a bug, not sure why it's taking so long to fix?