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Rate Plans - what a waste of time ?

So there are options of rate plans, from recommended to custom... However, the whole system has been designed by the manager of human resources. I can not think of any other reason why it is so poorly designed. There is an option of "include meals" with EACH plan, yet impossible to set prices per plan !! Now, having wasted too much time trying to sort put this system, i see its not even mentioned to potential customers !?!?!?!?!?!!? I wanted to have a simple base rate, high price for option to cancel or book lastminute. Then have discounts for choosing NonRefundable, or for booking far in advance... Yet these incentives do not appear on the actual listing seen by customers.

Have i missed some difficult-to-find step? or is it really this bad?

Jonathan Webb 1 year ago

And the result...

I had a chat on the phone to a very nice chap (in amsterdam?) and he helped sort out the Price Per Occupancy (as all the online help seems to be out of date) - he made changes so it now shows up in Calendar...

And he confirmed that there is no way to tell customers "10% discount if you book far in advance" or any other 'offers' - customers only see final price.

Now we know.

Again  - chap on helpline was very professional and helpful. 10/10 for that :)

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BrookAve 1 year ago



Indeed some of the help sections are dated, which is why some of us write our own guides and then direct others to our profiles to see said guide.


Click my name to see them .


I would advise have first rate plan as Non refundable and highest rate.

Then build all other rate plans and rates off of that., as either a fixed amount discount or %%.


It makes it easier then later to adjust in one place so to speak.


You can of course still do adhoc adjustmentsin the calendar -list view for certain dates or days of the week


.e.g. Off PPeak days of the week Sun-Wed, peak prime nights THurs-Sat.


of course depending on region/country and culture of audience you cater for, that may or may not suit.



Kind Regards, Be Safe ,Be Well.