Happy new year everyone.

Quick question. How come I got a grade of “9” when the guest leaves 6X10 in rating? 


Hi happy new year.


Simple answer is it doesn't work the way you think it does.


Also use search box enter guest rating and you will see the giant topic with pages of hosts complaining. 


Basically when BdC changed the rating system recently, it give guest at end of category ratings, the option to set over all rating independently on those other ratings. 


Meaning a thick guest, a selfish guest, a vindictive guest can all set overall as low as 1 of 10.


Yep you read that right, its literally that ***, and easy for even a guest to accidentally do it while rushing through it.


Kind regards


Thanks for your help. This is awful news! It will increase the hosts urge to keep their high rating and try to get the customer to book directly instead of through bdc. How can bdc not see this?? We can never reach our old high average and hosts in general will be trying to buy fake ratings to stay up in the high numbers.

this is not fair