Ratings for location.

I am forever amazed at my guests ratings for the locations of my property. 

It is clearly a very personal perspective.


I total agree that the location of a property should be rated. Its important for other guest to know more about the location. In fact this is critical.

However this should not be part of the overall property rating. 

People rate the coffee but the properties score is not affected by it. Location should be treated the same way.

My points are as follows.

 The location is very subjective. A granny staying in a hotel near a nightclub will hate the noise. A teenager staying in the same place will love it.

And most importantly for the property, there is absolutely nothing that can be done about the location.

It is like rating the property on the weather. It cant be changed and people rate purely on personal preferences.

As I say, its vital that the location is rated but should absolutely not form part of the property overall score,

Thoughts ?






True,even for me this is great problem.my place is in Kandy where it is silent but hard to find so the guests are always deducting ratings on location!
I know it’s not there fault but it is just unfair that u add it to the overall score and there’s no way to improve it either.
So I would like to seen it resolved quickly.

M Adamopoulou

Unfortunately it has been written so much about location in other posts but I don’t think BDC is doing something to improve location rating. Hopefully 2019 will bring us some ideas how to rephrase rate location so it can be more fair for all of us. We should all send feedback to BDC requesting rate location changes.
Happy New Year to all...


There is a big majority agreement on this. I think the rating catagory is totally misunderstood.
To my mind it should reflect the reality of the location compared to the hotels description of it.
Unfortunately most guests see it as a general point. As said above, based on their own preference and/or general opinion what any hotel location should be.


Hallooo & HNY to you toooooo!

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