Refunds on non-refundable rates


I have recently joined Booking.com renting out our guest room. We have been pretty successful with both booking.com and airbnb. But I believe that people when booking a room they don't read the policy. 

Our check in is from 5pm-9pm, after that we don't accept anyone no matter what the circumstances because we have small children and we work the next day, it states the check in hours when you book and when we send the automatic welcome message.

But some people don't read it and then ask to check in at hours that we can't accommodate. When they realise that after 9-9.30 is not possible to check-in they cancel, what its ok, I understand that they may have different needs.

Our policy is non-refundable and we have been asked for a refund, for the first time on a good will we accepted to refund but we had also two cancellations on a non refundable rate and they may complain that they have been charged, what would you do?

The point of non refundable is to protect ourselves in a case of a cancellation or no show but sometimes it's difficult to deal with.


What is your advice?


Thank you

M Adamopoulou

Dear Elsa welcome to the Partner Community.

This year I had more cancellations then reservations so I changed my rates and policies.

Non- Refundable means non-refundable...

Maybe another option is to let your guests come in a date that is off season for you... just a thought...

Wish you all the best.

Elsa Bennett

Thank you for your advice.

Exactly the kind of approach I want to use.