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remove Quiet room please need to remove "quiet room please"  from guests requests.  All guests want a quiet room.  The host, hotel or motel, can not guarantee a quiet room.  Many factors are out of the property's control.  Maybe a loud guest, crying baby or constant door slammer, checks into the room next door.  Maybe, there is only one room remaining and it is near the street or ice machine or pool, or noise from a truck in a parking space nearby...  So many factors.  Many reservations are now requesting "quiet room please"  at the suggestion of   Most property owners and managers do their best to keep a quiet and peaceful accommodation for all guests.  Most guests do not want a noisy room.  Why is this a suggested request by  Is it to create more stress and aggravation for the property owners and managers that have had a very difficult time trying to keep their businesses operating through the last Covid year.  PLEASE REMOVE "Quiet Room Please"  from reservation suggestions!



indeed, there was a topic chain on this ages ago, I think late 2019/ early 2020.




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    how to contact partner support via private assigned number in inbox