Renting my own appartement with personal stuff insice


Im just beggining with my appartement rental through weekends on booking.com and wondering whether it is fine to leave there my personal stuff closed in wardrobes ot it is not correct?

I basicly live there from monday till friday and then leaving the space for a trip and letting everything inside the appartement. It works normally on Airbnb, but not sure if it fits clients from booking.com? 

Can anybody advise me with this experience? 

Thanks a lot

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Aaltje B.

Hi Jakub

That is pretty brave of you to leave everything at home when you are gone and meanwhile rent out.

I personally wouldn't do it.

I would also feel uncomfortable with someone else's clothes in the wardrobe.

To be honest, I think it sounds like you don't want to take your clothes out of the wardrobe every weekend. Do you have that many clothes? Or you really can't be bothered to prepare for guests? But then, where do the guests put theirs?

Assuming you don't have stacks of clothes (you give me the impression you are young ), just find one place where you can store your entire private belongings and lock it. And have something else for your visitors where they can hang, fold away and put things in drawers.

It will give your guests the idea that you are appreciating their choice (your room/house) and you show them respect for their belongings as well.

It will be a lot easier for you to find back your belongings, and for them too. Imagine, someone takes your best jeans... Nah, I really don't feel comfortable with that idea.

And last, you won't give the opportunity to people to "borrow" your belongings. Even if your space is not pricy it is better to separate "mein und dein". Again, it shows them that you respect them.

You will notice that you will create a higher star ranking if you make the effort for your guests and their clothes.

What I would advice you is to ask experienced hosts nearby to come over and have a peek, and ask them what they think of your situation. Usually friends are pretty upfront. I am curious what they say.


Aaltje B.


Booking.com is not the right fit for this. Stick with AirBnB.



And what about leaving personal things or cleaning sheets, blankets, towels, etc but they are not locked. They are just in dedicated space like stores at the top of the rooms and identified with a label. Each bedroom, bathroom and the kitchen, has enough store facilities or wardrobes even for a stay of two weeks.

For groups and families in Airbnb this is working but I am not sure if this will work for booking. I was just about to cancel my listing here, but I have gotten a booking for two nights.



Aaltje B.

Hi Clara

To be honest, I think when people do house-sitting, yes- there are personal items in the rooms, but when renting out it is more professional to stay clear of this and have it decorated for guests use only.

To do both - renting out and using the space yourself is probably happening when people are desperate for money but don't have the opportunity to create guest space only.

It is happening a lot with BDC rooms as well. I can't see the difference with Airbnb, but I would never choose it myself.

I have guests stay here in my own house, but don't charge. Since the room they use is not solely guests' designated. Often relatives, or friends of relatives.

It is good to be creative with thinking of opportunities to rent out.

All the best Jakub with finding your best way how to make money. You may have skills that you wouldn't know they can make more money than BDC?

Being a host is quite an art, you go for it, fully, or not altogether.


Aaltje B.

M Adamopoulou

Hello partners!!!
I rent my home in the summer season when we move down stairs but I remove all my personal belongings. It’s like we are moving to another house. I empty the closets, the cupboards everything except furniture. When guests arrive I explain to them the situation and they are amazed!!!!
I think it’s one of the reasons they respect our home.
So far so good...Hope it stays like that...

M Adamopoulou

Hi Clara!!!
No I don’t leave extra amenities. Try not to tempt guests to over use amenities.
Every time I have a new reservation I just renew amenities.
Happy posting!!!