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Replying to guest reviews

Why can't I reply to all guest reviews. Some reviews show up without the possibility of the owners replying to them. Am I missing something! I believe that if the guest wants to write something then we should have the right to answer. Any comments?


Yes you are able to reply to a guest review now via the portal (see screenshot)







I questioned this with admin.  If the guest leaves a scored review but no text, then we cannot write anything in response.  There is no Reply Button.  Its ridiculous.  It means you cannot thank a guest for their own contribution no defend yourself when need be.


Thanks jaybeegee,

That is not what I meant!

Janefryer, exactly! 

I feel that the guest reviews are generally a good idea but with too little info! 

If the guest has marked us down on a topic then there should be a reason written next to it to explain why. Surely this would be better for both parties if everyone understood the reason for the lower score.

Please BDC, listen to your partners and do something!


Not sure they read our contributions here. I actually wrote to the guest who left anonymous as he was my first and only guest at that point. I asked him why he had marked me down on location as that is my best asset.  Was the walk to town too long (20 mins).  He said No, he enjoyed the walk.  So what then?   Why did he not leave his name anyway? I actually wanted to thank him for an overall excellent review but could not as he left no text.

Front Office

Dear team,

recently I cannot reply to guest reviews , can you please assist 

Thank you

Alaa Sabry 

Community Admin

Dear Front Office! Thanks for posting in the Community!


The button to "Reply" to the review will be missing if the guest did not leave any comments, but only a score. 


Best regards!

Front Office

Thank you for the reply the button is there but when I would like to send the reply cannot sent and telling check reply policies