Reported guest for misconduct - left poor review then initiated chargeback

Just looking for any advice on dealing with this situation.


A family from China stayed at my holiday house for 5 nights. They left the property in an awful condition which required significant additional cleaning costs. I reported the guest for misconduct and kept their $200 security deposit. In turn, the guest left me a 1 start review and initiated a chargeback with their bank stating that they did not stay at the property. I've asked Booking.com to remove the review without luck. I can't convince a bank in China that the family did indeed stay at my property. Just looking to see if anyone has suffered a similar fate and if there's anything else I can do.

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Revenge from the guest for keeping the deposit ..... well known behaviour .... happens a lot on AirBnB .....

A damage deposit is a good thing .... it encourages guests to look after the property as they want their money back .... but claiming on it is another thing .... as soon as you claim, you risk the retaliation ....

We expect some damage over the year, so we factor that into our pricing .... we also expect some guests to leave a mess, so we factor that in to our cleaning times and costs .... and over the year, it all balances out ....

And guests are mostly good, mostly leave properties in good, clean condition with no damage, and most reviews are good.

It's worth reconsidering how you think about money and things .....

As for the chargeback, that's a risk you run when taking credit card payments .... and that risk is why we don't take card payments .... we use Payments by Booking.com so that guests pay the OTA at the time of booking, just the same as on AirBnB, TripAdvisor, HomeAway etc .... and if a guest does try a chargeback, it's the OTA that will fight it .... and they're always more likely to win than we are ....

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Hi Lachlan,

Booking.com have absolutely no credibility in relation to these type of things.  We had a guest for three stays at once.  The property was left in a very ordinary state each time.  Her attempt to book a fourth time was rejected by me so she then went and posted horrible reviews for the previous three stays.  I submitted a request o have the reviews removed, but this was rejected.  I pointed out that they could not be geneiune reviews, as the guest continued to stay at our property and tried to book a fourth time, but booking.com didn't care.  My only option was to respond to each of the reviews with the facts, made damn sure she wasn't going to share those reviews on social media.

Regards for Oz


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Chargebacks or 'friendly fraud' as they say are becoming more common. i started a thread last week regarding chargebacks but seems like booking.com didnt post it. 

problems is with taking bookings with either a card manually entered, or even a card without id can be very risky. VISA and Mastercard have their own accommodation rules regarding disputes and they say is a customer disputes an accommodation charges, no matter what the reason, they will always win..

Cash is king in these circumstances, unless the customer uses a pin for their payment.

the chargeback form on booking.com is useless, and visa or mastercard will always win a chargeback if number have been manually entered.

As for the review, if the majority of your existing reviews are great, other prospective guests looking will discount the bad review 100% of the time, so wouldnt worry about it.



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