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Review score

I’m consistently getting top review scores for everything guests have to review on, but then get a lower score for Value for Money.  If guests are loving everything else and I’m still getting bookings, should I reduce my prices?! Does the Value for Money rating affect the overall rating for my property? PleAse help!


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Isle of Wight … 3 years ago

If you are getting bookings and "good" reviews, don't lower your prices.

You could tell your guests that if they wish to book again, book via AirBnB or direct with you (payment by bank transfer) to get the cheapest rates.

We sometimes get the lower scores for "staff". Guests rarely meet us - they book online, we send "standard" messages, they turn up, let themselves in, have their holiday, then go home. Quite why they score us for staff when they never meet us is beyond me .... but we're still fully booked .....

As a side note, I've seen a campsite (in real life) where almost every camper posted a negative review with complaints (justified in my opinion) and the owners threatened campers with legal action for the reviews. The campsite was still fully booked ..........


Orchard Avenue B&B 3 years ago

Thanks for this advice.  I had been thinking that there are many places out there that are not necessarily good value for money, but are always booked up as they offer more than the norm.  My service, going the extra mile (washing, picking up from station, ironing, high quality interiors, varied, home-cooked breakfasts every day)  are just some of the reasons I get booked and top marks for everything apart from value for money! What do people expect!?! I even spend my evenings researching breakfast ideas and the dishes the best places in London offer and I now copy!  Thank you again - I’m sticking with my prices! ?