The review system is broken

Since more than a month the review system of booking.com is broken substantially. Guest are able to write reviews and we are able to submit our answers. However, they are not approved.

We have been in contact with booking.com 7 times but unfortunately got nothing but excuses and the comment that there is a bug preventing approving our answers. We were also told that deleting and re-submitting the answers would solve the issue but this has not worked for any of our re-submitted answers.

We think part of a great customer experience is also the timely answer to the feedback you left. However, at the moment our guests are unable to receive these answers, which makes us appear very unprofessional.

Has anyone experienced the same problem, was able to solve this issue by re-submitting their answers or found a work around?

Cheers, Eric

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Choice Backpackers


Thanks for the reply.

Our answers are squeaky clean and comply with these guidelines and always have. Also booking.com has confirmed that there is a technical bug preventing us from having the answers approved. However, I am really wondering, why no one else seems to have this problem. If any one has the same issue, I would be happy to hear about it here.

1 year ago

I assume you have performed all the usual empty cache etc. in case something in there is corrupting from your end?

Maybe country specific? (Bandara and us are both Thailand and you NZ)

1 year ago
Ilaria - Commu…

Hi all and thanks for your feedback,

Please take a look at the statement that has an update on what has been reported in this thread. 

Have a nice day,


1 year ago

Hi Guys,

I've had the same problem, I've taken to logging on to a guests booking as soon as the review comes through to make a personal response via the messaging service. If you leave it more than a day though the message will not be sent.

Nikki B

1 year ago
Guest Relations

I am experiencing this same issue and it is affecting my score! I don't know how to contact booking.com. I have replies that are more than a month old that are waiting for approval.

7 months ago