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Reviews - not posting reply

I was just wondering....why is it taking so long (2 weeks or more) to post my reply to a guests review ? Some left a 10, some did'nt, but either way I always say some thing and thank them for coming, I always keep it nice and polite...but my reply in recent weeks has never been posted. Has this happened to anyone else...or is it just me ? lol


Hi Ireland B&B

Well I have the same problem they being held for review which appears never to happen.

I have asked the Help and have been more or less stone walled. It appears if I understand them correctly to be an electronic reviewer, which looks a phrases and words in the text, this appears to have gone wrong or been turned off.

A pity and as you say its not nice for the guest not to have a thank you for taking the trouble to make a review.

I have given up posting until something happens but when that might be good only knows.

A big black mark for


Same issue with me. I have five great reviews awaiting my replies to be made public. It's been over three weeks for some of them and I've contacted BDC to no avail beyond the obligatory "We're sorry". None of my replies breach policies. 

By not posting owner/manager replies to review BDC are giving an overall negative response to guests who have taken the time to show they appreciate their stay and in return they are met with.. silence. 

This really isn't good enough from a company who are paid to provide a service and some aspects of that service are sub-standard and a detriment to businesses listing their properties through them. 

Please, BDC, get it sorted. 


Hi Guys,

I've had the same problem, I've taken to logging on to a guests booking as soon as the review comes through to make a personal response via the messaging service. If you leave it more than a day though the message will not be sent.

Nikki B


Hi Info

Well it seems to be any time even if you send a reply to them within a few minutes of you receiving a review from your guest. Basically its not fit for purpose. Whatever tweaks they are doing to the review scoring might have a knock on effect but i doubt. We have to remember BDC is basically a money machine with some problems on the finer side. You will notice the money side works fine (or mine does) but bolt on's are not so good in their function.


I contacted them again on Monday and to their credit received a reply very quickly, yesterday I noticed that four of the five replies had been approved. 

I think they're having a lot of issues overall with their system coding while making the changes they're implementing. It would have been nice had they sent an auto email to each partner letting us know of impending works/notification of likely issues so that we, in turn, could notify our guests. I think the side issue overall is we, the partners who are affected, aren't notified and that projects an air of arrogance imho. 



Thank you all for your replies, at least it's not just happening to me LOL

I didnt contact as I'm way too busy but they have allowed some of my replies to appear since but the replies I responded to a few weeks ago are still not posted by