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Risk free booking


I had a bad experience with Risk Free Booking and would like to share my experience so you guys could learn from my from it.

Firstly, avoid Risk Free Booking at all cost. 

If they couldn't find a replacement, they would say we have removed the availability on the system therefore they are free from any liability.

This has happened to me twice and when I called, they insisted I have removed the availability and they won't paid. 

I have now opting out from Risk Free Booking to avoid this nonsense. 



M Adamopoulou

Dear Michael welcome to the Partner Community and sorry to hear about your bad experience with Risk Free.

I have also joined Risk Free and I have one reservation....

I will let you know how it goes if I have a cancellation.

Thanks again for posting...


What? That's just wong! ;)

No problem with risk free bookings here, so far. 


I did not like Risk Free so I opted out. It sounded good at first, but I soon realised it caused too many problems, eg all my availabilties are minimum 2 nights, but they automatically changed to single nights, and guests are told they do not need to pay in advance, plus do not pay for cancelled bookings if you require guests to book a day before arrival. This stops all the precautions I had in place to avoid the worst kind of guests.

Fenella Mountgarret

I have just had the same issue.  I recently joined and opted into Risk Free as it sounded a good idea. 

I have had one successful booking through it but the next booking got cancelled 3 days before arrival.  My normal policy is 30 days flexible.   I expected to get paid but because I have a two night minimum say I am not eligible.  Nowhere do they say that when the encourage you to sign up.  INIQUITOUS!!! DO NOT JOIN!!!!!

Siandav Lill

Hello - I am still opted into risk free and had a couple of risk free cancellations that were paid by  Since then many of the rules seem to have changed, so I just want to ask about these points before I opt out.

Does the above forum members comments mean that I will never get a payout on a risk free cancellation for the following: -

- if I have a restriction of minimum advance booking of 3 days

- If I have a minimum stay of 2 or more nights

I have also just realised that if you have a flexible cancellation policy of say 30 days, and a booking cancels outside of that 30 days, it does not qualify for payout.  Not that this makes much difference because a majority of my bookings made that far in advance do not cancel.

I look forward to your replies before I put the questions to and probably opt out.




Here is a better thread regarding risk-free bookings:


"If the Risk Reservation is cancelled the system will try to replace them for the same dates. At this point is important not to make any changes since the system will stop searching and then the reservation will not be paid.


You can find more information to the link below:"

M Adamopoulou

I have a min. stay of 2 nights and still BDC paid me for risk-free reservation....

Wish you all a wonderful day....