room price not change, when update

since 2months I am having a issue with extranet price change,for example,

Actual price - X
Update to - Y
extranet shows me - X.....
Log out and Log in - Price change to Y

My problem is that I never see the price which is I am updating.. That bit confusing to manage multiple house under one property name,
There for I also wrote to booking.com,but this was not really help.Is there any one effected to this kind of problems? I tried to get a solution by resetting all the Chanel manger + Browser etc..
Any one to help me please??
Thank you


You are updating prices via Chanel manager right? If you use chanel manager as far as I know you can not set prices in extranet. Contact your chanel manager support, if the information is sent to Booking.com when you set new prices. I use chanel manager for few years and never had this problem. Sometimes system can need more time, that new information is updated. Which chanel manager do you use?

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Hi Marco,

Thank you for your support.

At the moment I do not want to use any Chanel Manager.I used wix cms which is included with our website.But for sure My first updated is always booking extranet.although booking calendar is still my link to synchronize other cms.. I studied bit before writing on partner help page.As you said if I use a serious cms could solve the problem..

Thanks again for your time,


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I also use WIX website and their PMS and booking engine. As far as I know if you will want to use chanel manager also for WIX, "HotelRunner" is the only one at the moment that supports WIX and other OTA's. :)

Also if you change prices on Booking.com, on WIX the prices will not change. In WIX you must separatly set the rates.