Is this a scam?

I have received an email this morning that purports to come from Booking.com.

It gives a link to a form and threatens that if I do not give the information required my business will suffer!

Is this a scam or a genuine request from Booking.com?

Many thanks

Leandri Klopper

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for asking, lots of people just give in and provide which I think is a massive mistake.

Booking.com is SUPER strict on security and as such won't be sending you emails like that.

Phone them and ask.

Hope for the best!

Mr Spence

I think it is so important today not to be so open and free with your Personal or Business Details. The World is not such a nice place and scams are everywhere, some just collecting your Data to sell on and some collecting your Data to clean out your Accounts.

What always amazes me is that Banks always say they cannot retrieve the Funds taken from such Fraud, why!?! this seems to be a missing response and one I have yet to find.

Only today we had a request to Book from some one in Spain, who responded to say that they were looking forward to it so much "my wife cannot wait to arrive", what triggered my suspicion was :-

a) They never said which Quote they wished to accept

b) They requested our Phone, Fax, Mobile, Address, Bank Details, enough info to profile us

I responded by requesting their Credit Card Details are used to make the booking over the phone, or they pay on arrival.

Be carefull and be lucky

Keith et Sharon Spence


Leandri Klopper

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for that! It does send shivers up the spine, doesn't it?

I have a rule when it comes to Booking.com. Emails be blitzed, I only respond to Official things if I have the message on the Extranet to back it up. Because they know I need to use a Password to sign in and receive the message. How now if someone sends you an email (which btw is freely available on their site as it should be for guests), asking for official things?

It's a Nir from me, I'm South-African. I'm really glad you also see that logic, makes me feel less unnecessarily paranoid. And well done on the reverse engineering! You can't very well tell the guest you suspect that there is something fishy going on, so asking for the card details was a brilliant work around.

Anyway, thanks again for the post! Very interesting topic.

Keep well.