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Security Breach - Public Property Address - Trust and Safety

I just deactivated my account when I learned that my actual property address is made available to ANYONE who searches the site, BEFORE a reservation is made.  Every other OTA or STR site that I subscribe to masks the actual physical address of the property.

This is a huge security risk and an open invitation to would-be burglars, robbers or thieves.  You might as well hang a huge UNOCCUPIED sign in front.

No better advertisement than to look at a property calendar to find out when it is unoccupied.  

I cannot afford the RISK to advertise on your site due to the lack of trust and safety for my guests as well as property.

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Yes it has always been this way. And I do agree sometimes I wish this was not the case.


There are of course PROs and CONs to this .


Such as walk ins who then ask for availability. Sometimes that can be a good thing.

Someone else might call it overthinking it, but it is what it is.

Tagging  BbC community team to see if they can feed this back to the next weekly meeting


Communities Team  


Kind Regards


5 months ago

Thank you for your reply.  However, there are no  PROs.  This is not a hotel or public space.  It is a vacation rental, which is a PRIVATE home and there is no such thing as a "walk-in".  

It is a total and complete breach of trust, privacy, and security to advertise the address of a private home.

5 months ago

You should have started with that detail as to the property type :)



It would be nice to have a feature where if the property type is not of a public nature, that it then default to partial mask of address.

Of course if the map is enabled and a pin to location then that is just as bad,


To me a partial address would be :


Street, City, County, Country

5 months ago