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Selecting which day of the week a guest arrives

I think it's impossible to set a certain date each week for guests to arrive. During the summer and easter holidays guests must arrive at my holiday homes on a Friday, for the life of me I cannot see how to do that.

I think the system must deal with holiday cottages differently.

In the meantime, I will just mark the dates as unavailable on during those holidays.



Yes you can, but a bit tucked out of sight.  In Rates & Availability, Calendar - use List view.  Open on left side and there should be a 'No arrivals' line.  You can then do a Bulk edit for the days of the week you don't want to have arrivals.

If you don't see the lines contact help team using Inbox icon on Extranet and ask to see Hidden lines. or give them a call see link for local phone numbers.

Louise Sweeney

Thank you Sharon, I have been driven mad looking for how to do that. I will have a look later and hopefully I can work it out, thank you for your help.


PS I'm relatively new to and then coronavirus came along and so I am only getting into the swing of it now.


I had been using the system for quite a while before I spotted someone talking about the option.  So I understand how you feel.