Sleeping configuration

In the bedroom description, we enter the number of beds. From this information, Booking.com deducts the number of people that can sleep in the place.
In some cases, however, the sleeping configuration is flexible (ie either 2 single beds or one double bed, depending on the customers requests).
It would be more accurate to add a AND or OR option in the number of beds description so that it reflects reality.

Sara Jarvis

Eric why don’t you list it as a twin bedded room and explain in the description that an alternative double bed is available?

I list Double Bed private room but 75 percent of guests are single

of course I give a discount to singles reflecting utility use etc.....huge prices here in UK for gas water etc....

Eric (Malta)

Hi Sara

Yes, I could, but then I would lose booking opportunities. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and can either host 2 couples, 1 couple and 2 singles or 4 singles.

If I'm a family (typically the parents and their 2 teenagers) and I see that there are only two double beds, then I look somewhere else where they can accommodate me with two single beds...

Sara Jarvis

If you host each room as twin bedded you would offer what you need

drop the word single in configuration and if you are worried about losing singletons make it clear that the listing is for singles too

insuggest you keep one room with a double that either a couple or a single can use and offer a discount to a singleton.

you can split the beds if needs be but don’t think you will lose the family trade

often 4 friends travel and are not partners but you don’t care as long as you market for one two three or four.....think of guests going to a wedding/or graduation they can request the 4 single beds....if one person books and pays for a family holiday or a stag do you will only have one review anyway.