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Small business grants from the government

Hi,,, I have 3 holiday let's, so received 3 grants back in March,, only to receive a demand, for one back.... 2 of my apartment s both lease hold flats, on seperate mortgage s, and seperate utility bills,, but,, in the same block..., I was releaved to get these grants last march with having to give so many guests refunds, valued at thousands of pounds... But now,, iv been told,, business rates have joined my flats together,, and so I must now, return my ten grand.. Grant..... Iv read there small print, and they say they are the same, hereditants, and so.. I must return the ten k..... I think.. The only positive is,, from the small print I read yesterday,,, I think.. Its possible. If they've joined my flats together, that I now should be entitelled to small business rates relief at 100% rate instead of the 50 %rate iv been paying for 3 years so I think they, have over charged me £15000 in business rates..... 

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The Boat Yard

I know it's a bit beyond my brain too...  But.. 3 holiday let's 3 grants ye.... Got that so far nice and easy.... Til they start demanding I pay one back in 21 days.... I'm like why... Well it's then they start telling me, some. Belony, about,, putting my flats together.... As there In the same building.. And on some platforms there advisered together.... Apparently, according to my council,, this makes them, one,, what they call an "hereditant"    Well.. Its a complicated way of fiddling me out of money... Is the way I see it........ But as I said in my earlier email... While looking in too this latest,, goverment..,, grant... Iv found.. If they have joined my properties then.. I come in to the caragory of free business rates.... So,, they.. Need to pay me back that I believe... Any one had any experience of this..... Is there any one with more than one flat in a block.. That received.. More than one grant... 

13 days ago