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SMILEY FACES killing your review process?

I am so grateful for my Review Award that I received of a 9.6, because ever since the review process was changed to these weird looking "faces" ? my reviews have dropped a bit in numbers. 

When the customer was able to assign it a number from 1-10 we had higher review numbers across the board for all hosts on this island. I stalk my competitors daily and have seen them saying as full as I do and the guest all saying great things but the numbers of the actual scores have declined. 

I suspected the confusing face system of scoring after a while and people who said they thought were giving me highest score because the face had a "smile" in the middle of the five face options. So the customer first notices the "frowny face", then the "straight line for a mouth" face, then they see a "Smiley face" and choose that without much thought of those other two weird "two eyes & a gaped mouth" faces further right. Many have told me it's confusing, that they thought they were giving me highest marks.

I only wish we could go back to 1-10 scores. 

ALSO...If a guest should write wonderful things about me in the "Smiley Face" line and then go on to write  "Nothing bad to say" in the "Frown Face" it also brings my score/matrix down.

The review system could withstand a proper revisiting in my humble opinion.

Anybody else have any thoughts on our current ? rating system?

Please chime in if so and tell us your thoughts.





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fluff 3 years ago


It's cock-eyed to say the least. Customers often think they are leaving a "good" review with 3 faces.

As we all know, that translates to 7.5, seemingly below everyone's average on this forum, that drags your score down.

This has been covered many times here but BDC is not listening. It is preposterous that four faces could possibly relate to 1 > 10.