SOLD OUT Problem

My Property indicates sold out but is not. I have been trying for weeks and even contacted booking.com but they were not to helpful and said I must ask a friend.

I have two apartments of which the one is booked but the other cant be booked over a certain date when it is available and cant understand why. I have edited restrictions Open close to OPEN, Amount to sell I have as one option but have tried O or mixed but no luck, I am using one rate plan and have it OPEN the other rate plans are CLOSED.

The period I have available is 21-27 December which is popular. My other apartment does not have this problem???????

Pls help 


Community Admin

Hi Mike Pieters! Thanks for posting in the Community! 

Please check Minimum stay through/arrival restrictions for mentioned period. If rates and availability are loaded and dates opened, property might be "sold out" due to various restrictions. 

Good luck.