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SOLD OUT Problem

My Property indicates sold out but is not. I have been trying for weeks and even contacted but they were not to helpful and said I must ask a friend.

I have two apartments of which the one is booked but the other cant be booked over a certain date when it is available and cant understand why. I have edited restrictions Open close to OPEN, Amount to sell I have as one option but have tried O or mixed but no luck, I am using one rate plan and have it OPEN the other rate plans are CLOSED.

The period I have available is 21-27 December which is popular. My other apartment does not have this problem???????

Pls help 


Community Admin

Hi Mike Pieters! Thanks for posting in the Community! 

Please check Minimum stay through/arrival restrictions for mentioned period. If rates and availability are loaded and dates opened, property might be "sold out" due to various restrictions. 

Good luck. 

Василенко Юлия

Did you manage to find the solution for this issue? We are experiencing similar problem, for some reason the problem is only present when booking via mobile application (both iOS and Android)