Someone registered my property without authorization

Someone registered my property without authorization and I want to manage it, I am writting with the hope of someone human read and inform about me about how to correct that, in my country there are only phone assistance with a reservation number, the Facebook Chat is a Bot and it is ridiculous and unhelpfull, there is no contact form on the website to send a message, I feel terrible, there are not humans to talk on this site, there are not guides to read or lead on this cases, Booking sucks!!!!



Hi Eric 


Provide all the links to it, etc here so BdC communities team can see it. and report it up.


Alternatively use the general phone numbers to make contact directly.

Contact us



Eric Gutierrez

Thank you for your reply, but it is ridiculous, see the Contact us link that you wrote, it said log in to the Extranet area, How do I log in if I am not registered as that property. Also, phone numbers only work on my country with a reservation. Booking it is a complete disaster because there is not a contact form on the website. I need a solution.