Standard problem with directions?


It looks like to be a standard problem adding the 'directions to your property'..

I have tried now may be 15 times during a week, and whatever i do (in laptop och mobile app) i get the error like:

"From admin.booking.com: Whoops! The journey couldnt be saved - please try again."

Please give me an real advice, not a link that ive seen in 90% of all the "help" given ; )


Henryk Dąbrowski


My numer 5262167 dated 23.06.2019. In my Accomodation Agreemed wrong address.

Correct should be :  (street) ul.  SAMBORA  4A,  (city)  81-235  GDYNIA - GRABÓWEK

(as quarter),  POLAND.

Pls  improve  and  send improved Agreement.

Sorry for disturbance.