Subway access


I would like to add some features on my property page, but I cannot find them. 

First, is to show that I am over 100 m to subway station, and the name of it, like in the below screenshot.

Second, I would like to add ATM, Farmacy, Banks, Public Pool like in the screenshot attached.

Thank you for your help,



You can do that under facilities and services. Carefully answer yes or no, don't skip. It will improve your property score.

In your photos put Tags. They also help Booking site to pick up information from there.

If you can't find the right field, use other possibilities, put Pharmacy under Supermarket.

Give directions to the guest in How to get to the property. Choose subway there


Yes, Christian, the pictures are still the best. Checking and unchecking mostly helps to filter, if the guests use filter, as many don't like to read and help the host to achieve higher score and the property will be higher and more visible in search.

Take pictures of everything - Subway, ATM... Put text on pictures like "100 m from your apartment". Use Befunky for that