Suggestion for Booking.com

We have a couple of room types that are listed as double/twin rooms. There is an option on each room type for the guest to choose their preferred bed configuration (double or twin). More often than not the guest doesn't choose a bed type so we try and contact the guest to ask which they want.

About 50% of the time in this no-choice-made situations the guest is unreachable/doesn't answer the phone/respond to messages.

We then have to try and guess (!) which bed configuration they want. We're often wrong! This results in a bad guest experience. "We are a couple, we wanted a double bed!" or "We are colleagues we need separate beds!"

Please, please, please make the double/twin bed configuration choice mandatory. It will save us a lot of chasing the guest and give the guest a better experience - giving them the bed type they want.



Yes. My rooms have the same "bed-type" arrangement which we think giving options to our guests. First, I am new to Booking.com and I still couldn't figure out how to setup the bed type selection as Annie does. Secondly, if that is a mandatory field during reservation, it will offer a great help.