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Support abusing errors on site for their own profit?

Support abusing errors on site for their own profit?

First of all sorry for my terrible english sometimes cuz my native language is russian. We are little hostel in Saint-Petersburg and we cant fight anymore with support and corruption inside. When we are registered in 2014 year we noticed that shows us as Leningrad region (Leningrad means previous name on Saint-Petersburg, and now its an another state), anyone can check our property right now LemonHostel. But you`ll never find it in Saint-Petersburg... but we are just a 20 min from Airport.

With this question we asked our account manager and support. Year ago his last answer was "no, never, our customers using and they see that ur property not in Leningrad region". Yes it was mistake in google maps (check google chache) and it was hard to update it from and communicate to their support. Yeah it took one year to finish but now maps are correct. Red lines that means Saint-Petersburg now at right places and our Pushkin town (famous poet lived and study here) now inside district.

Yes, Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region its like states in USA with own governors and orders. Its maybe impossible in other countries that geolocation on booking wasnt in right district? In this situation our governor brings new orders (for example new orders with football championship 2018 with games in Saint-Petersburg)

After updating google maps we asked support in extranet and then by call many times. Every times something strange thing happens. They leaded our call to account manager and then answer "we cant change this", "all properties in Pushkin town in same Leningrad region" and they just dropping phones without any help... sad situation. Every calls leads to account manager but i never hear her or him. And their answers are pure false. Each big and notorious propetry in our town like Hilton hotel are inside Saint-Petersburg, and each hostel and apartments are not. Money? Sure not.

So where is price to this lobbing and corruption? We want to be in our city Saint-Petersburg as we are. How to run service check against our account manager and then maybe court and claims?

PS just a few links. maps. wiki

Saint-Petersburg borders,30.0813336,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4696378cc74a65ed:0x6dc7673fab848eff!8m2!3d59.9342802!4d30.3350986


Our hostel (just a screenshot map from booking)

and our link to Leningrad region at top left corner

Hilton (5km from us)

and their link to Saint-Petersburg

Yes we understood that we are not Hilton, but all words from support was "its a hard rules of", but what a liars... Look at Hilton. All question to support redirected to account manager and stopped every time, so we cant use extranet for this issue.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed post, you seem very enthusiatic about your city! It's refreshing.

For travelling reasons it's always import to ensure that the guests know where the property is and how to find it. If a guest is quickly searching for something in Saint-Peterburg and your property falls under Leningrad then the guest probably won't even look at you as an option. So this needs to be fixed.

I have only two suggestions. 1. Use the extranet to send a message to (not neccesarily your account manager) and ask them to correct it as you see the Hilton is in the correct City.

or 2. Phone and ask the first consultant nicely to help you. Don't even say anything about your previous efforts or frustrations with account managers.

Sometimes you just need to get through to the right (and right minded) consultant.

Best of luck!

Dmitry I. 4 years ago

About 5 my messages are ignored and still without answers in extranet.

Each my calls was redirected by support to our account manager and after they just closing calls without any try to listen and understood me.

I even copied some official papers from our business which includes tax orders. They all payed in St-Petersburg as we are.

I really hitting wall and cant find good consultant.

Thx for first answer!

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MikeM 4 years ago

just an idea... why not create a New Property Listing ?

If google maps has been updated, and can't or will not edit your map location.

Create a new property listing - and specifiy 'exactly' where you want to be on the map, and see how you get on this time ?

Good Luck, and please let us know if that works.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hi again,

Jep Occam's razor. The easiest solution is normally the best one.

Do what MikeM suggests and I'm sure you'll be fine!

Will he not then lose all reviews, ratings etc though?

Keep well.

Dmitry I. 3 years ago

No. In rules of Booking u cant delete property and make new one in same place and adress (maybe it was changed idk).

Even if it is the best solution we wont loose 5 years of our work/reviews (8.9)

Even if it is possible our local office will make us as LO state, cuz they aswered me somedays ago "u r not a Hilton". FFS

Someone deleted all messages in our Extranet, support said "we cant restore `em". FFS

I wrote huge letter to booking aaaaand... its dissapered. Our local office answered again. "Knocking to the booking door..."

Last month we travelled via car through Europe, 15 borders, many reservations and local rules. We never saw situation like this. Sadly Amsterdam was too far from our route.

Dmitry I. 3 years ago

So we will close soon, cuz wont help in this situation.

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Leandri Klopper 3 years ago

Hi Dimitry,

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Sadly I've never struggled with this so I can only give advise on how I would do it.

Is it not worth it, if your property has a good history, to just keep the location as is and just make sure that you send a lot of correspondence to guests prior to arrival to ensure they know where you are? At least you are getting bookings after all!

Best of luck