suspended for false reviews?

we were suspended for fraudulent reviews.  found out after some prodding that it was a review back in september (?!)  that their algorithm defined as fake.  obviously we didn't submit it.  i won't get into specifics, but that's not a practice we participate in.  anyway, i've reached out to my account rep and she forwarded a request to headquarters in the Netherlands, but i'm still waiting on an update as to when we can take online bookings again.  obviously, this is the worst possible timing and every day is lost revenue.  has anyone else experienced a suspension, and know how long they take to resolve these issues?  if it just drags on then it's possible that the suspension itself will play out, but booking didn't inform me what the length of the suspension is to begin with so we're working with an undefined time period.

experiences with this?  any advice??


they never do, its a case of how long is a piece of string.


simply wait and or list elsewhere in the meantime, plenty of other OTAs to use.


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Dear New Seoul Hotel,

I hope your problem is resolved already. Our property is in suspension as well and I was unsuccessful in receiving any information from Booking. It seems it would be over the reviews as well (as before suspension no-show reviews received). Could you please update us of your case?


our status was reinstated after some going back and forth.  i was in touch with our local rep and she was able to advocate for me as well as relay information between hq and us.  ultimately, i don't think they changed their determination and we're now in a "one more strike and you're out permanently" type situation so i'd like to get this off our record, so to speak.  it seems our relationship is tenuous at best....

all told, i think we were out about 2 weeks.  reactivating our account and getting listed again had its own nuances to navigate so set aside some time to tweak and test your visibility

good luck to you

Keba Wilson

Is something happen to me they said they seen a fake

Review and they suspended my property they take it down

I call and make complain and 

They said i well heard from them soon dont know when.

But it so hard in this time. Just keep me posted if anyone experience this before whats the out come.


can't say for certain what the procedure is because the whole thing seemed automated.  ie, their algorithm determines false review and it suspends the account and only sends out a curt email saying such.  it's not like there's a person who makes the decision that you can appeal to.....  

i was in contact with my account rep throughout and i'm not certain that made any difference.  if i recall correctly, i think the duration was around 2 weeks we were offline, and to get back on was kind of a hassle.  more like onboarding than just picking up where you left off....

Keba Wilson

Thank you for your update 

Just praying they put me back online it is very hard at this time..