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Is Technical team responsible for our problems???

Thanks BDC for keep on informing me that Technical Team is working to solve all the bugs....but bugs are still here and I don’t see any changes...


“We're aware of this technical issue which is affecting many of our partners as well. The technical team is working on it and hope to resolve it as soon as possible.”

Maybe it’s not Technical Team the only only responsible!!! Maybe some other measures have to be taken for better support...

Please help us get rid of bugs in pulse, in Partner Community etc. for better communication between hosts, guests, BDC.

Thanks for your understanding!!!




Hi Maria,


Yeah a lot of the time those messages are canned responses and not from the engineering team who actually need to handle them.


And very likely they are not getting the feedback too.


This is a common issue in I.T. , perception is never reality.





M Adamopoulou

Hi Barry, and thanks for sharing your thoughts...

Unfortunately, many features in this Community are not working as they should...making our conversation easier.

Wish you a nice weekend.