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Terminating a contract and inability to contact directly as inbox disabled.

I'm trying hard to terminate my contract with 

I've printed the instructions and cannot access my inbox to send a message. 

Extremely frustrating, overly complex and it simply doesn't work. 


So..I go to extranet... sign in several times! 

My inbox is not on first page...eventually find it by clicking on one of my properties. 

Drop down box I pick messages...and zero, nothing, nada! 

I'm told that I should click on 'Compose a message' doesn't exist!


Further down on their unhelpful instructions ....if you do not see these functionalities in your extranet, follow these guidelines...


Please contact customer support via the inbox tab....with Account in the topic....Guess what?  I can't compose a message with anything in the topic because the 'compose a message' doesn't exist...


So now I'll have to spend time unnecessarily on the phone..trying to contact someone to close and terminate my account...


Why terminate...well if I hadn't decided to terminate the contract before...the above explains some of my frustration dealing with



Sounds really frustrating and strange that you do not have necessary options to contact the help team.  Unfortunately they don't seem to read posts on the partner forum so I can only sympathise.