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Thanks a lot !

We just received the '' 2018 Award '' with a score of 9.8 for our B&B in Kea (Cyclades).
We are aware that this reward is the result of our hard work and our efforts at every moment, but we would like to thank very warmly for this result. Because it is with all the elements that Booking give at our disposal that we have been able to arrive there. Their collaboration is limitless, their communication via the net is powerful, their listening to solve problems (if there are any) is very effective, their availability, their friendliness, their employees are ultra professional ..... Although we working with multiple other sites, we can say that is currently the best site on the rental market. Thank you for all that you bring us, thank you again for your 2018 award. The Maison Vert Amande still wishes a long collaboration together.