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Thumbs up!!!! How important is it ? Do you thumb up when you like something or you just pass it?

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I hope that they will introduce the functionality to receive a notification in the forum when someone thumbs up your post or comment.

Also the ability to follow a user would be great, then it would be easier to get information from people who post their expertise here.

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I will definitely thumbs up if you help me with invoice thingy, I'm new here and I have checking on today's date and I have prepayment feature enabled as well, but I didn't receive any payment or any alert of getting it at any soon, when I contacted the customer care they told me that there is something I should do with invoice but I don't know how the invoice thing works in extranet in Financial---> Invoice where it says ''You don't have any invoices yet'',

How does it work? in the reservation tab it says the status 'OK' and there isn't any extra notification about the payment, how to work with invoice and get paid?

Thanks, I will definitely thumb sup now and every time I see you posting :]

M Adamopoulou

Hello Fernandesamroj8727 and welcome to the forum. I suppose your payments are being supported by booking.com ok means prepayment has been effective. Booking .com will transfer you the payment no later than the 15th of the month after the guest checks out. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days to arrive in your account. Invoice will show up in Finance tab approximately 10 days before payment and then you can download your invoice and printed out. Hope I have been of help although I am also a newbie and I might be missing something.


Thanks for the response, but the thing whats making me confused is last time I booked a hotel through booking.com when I was abroad and I got an instant PAID receipt, so how come that hotel get such advantage unlike mine?