Too many cancellations

Hello guys!!!

This year I am very sad since I have too many cancellations.   For the last few days I have been trying to understand why???

I have followed most of the guidelines and suggestions BDC has sent me but nothing works.  

Finally after personally searching  if other properties in my area are facing similar cancellation problems I discovered that yes...this year everybody has exactly the same problem with cancellations.  Even Hotels have cancellations problems.

All of the properties trying to avoid cancellations have only non-refundable rates!!! And only few hotels partially non-refundable rates.

Having only non-refundable rates doesn’t solve the problem...it arises other problems...

I hope BDC finds a way to help us hosts with the cancellation problem, maybe CLICK will give us some solutions.

Wish everybody a great day!!!



I have a no cancellation policy and thus no problems.  Plus I am full all summer.

Can't you do this?

M Adamopoulou

Janefryer thank you very much for your comment but what do you mean you have no cancellation policy???

You have only non-refundable rates???

Thanks again for your valuable time and have a great night.

Blagoje Acho

My guests can cancle one month before arrival. Some of them do, because that is the time when thay have to pay. I use payements by bdc. But one month is enough time to get new booking. This option works just fine for me. 

M Adamopoulou

Blagoje Thank you very much for your suggestion. I think you are right one month is the best...

Thanks again and wish you a great summer season...