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Too much sunshine in your eyes @ Belgian coast

Happy to share with you my first Travel Review Award for "Le Soleil Dans Les Yeux" a lovely place in Nieuwpoort - Belgium




For a second there when I saw only the  topic line I though tthis was going to be 

'Guest rating comment complains about too much sunshine ' ,




Kind Regards


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M Adamopoulou

Too much sunshine...


With never know...


M Adamopoulou

Congratulations dominique and welcome to the Partner Community.

Wish you all the best.


Hello dominique! Thank you for posting in the Community! Congratulations! Will you, please, tell us more what do you think helped you to achieve this result?

jasica joe83

Hey thank you for posting in the community. this is honor for us. kindly share your views and is this helpful for you. I've joined the community and got solution