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Top Contributors

So nice to see 5 top contributors instead of 3.

BDC please change the still says top 3 instead of 5.



Oh no! 

It found me and Don lurking in the darker waters Rofl

Ilaria - Commu…

Thanks for reporting it Maria, it'll be fixed shortly :)

M Adamopoulou

Leandri so nice to have you here....please stay tuned...Community needs you...

Be happy!!!!

Leandri Klopper

Heya M,

So sorry, it seems I don't get a lot of time to pop in here. And I miss it sooo much!

I see a lot of the same topics still running around on the forum. People just really don't want to Search before they Post. At least everything Looks good. 

Hope you are well. :-D

M Adamopoulou

My dear Leandri, thanks for posting!!! I feel so lonely with all of our old partners not posting anymore!!!

I know you are very busy...but please try to find some time for us...your contribution and experience  is vital...

From the very first moment I joined this forum you were the one I followed...your suggestions and comments always on the point!!!

Yes same topics...again and again...people want  everything the easy way!!!

Please share your new experiences with us....

Wish you a wonderful day...

Leandri Klopper

Hey M,

O Wow, I actually got a notice for this message. I must say after the redo of the forum, the Replies have been going slow because I was 100% spammed by emails. I received an email if I made a post / commented on a post. So I could never go back and get back to people. It did frustrate me a bit. 

Thank you for your stunning words! You certainly have taken up the torch and become a true leader in the community. Keep it up! 

I will make more of an effort to be around. :-) 


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Leandri...

I am retired Leandri and leave in a the country. One of the enormous benefits is that after 40 years of working day and night I finally have time to myself....

I also had problems with my emails...posts went to spam section instead of inbox.  Only yesterday I managed to fix it with the support team  of outlook