Travel restrictions

I don't know if anyone else has experienced the fact that booking.com operatives seem totally unaware of the travel restrictions for US visitors coming to the UK. Also, no idea that we have a responsibility to our local community, with regards to protecting it against CV 19 infection,  when we decide to accept guests. Currently in the UK, we have CV 19 hotspots. It would therefore be useful to have the full address of prospective hosts and the option to refuse bookings like you can with airbnb, without penalty.



I do understand your problem but booking.com is a hotel booking system.  It does not have legal rights to stop people booking a hotel.  Also rules are different for every different country and changing daily so impossible to keep up with.  I am in New Zealand - do you know what our rules are at the minute? 

There are several discussions on the Featured list and it would be worth adding your concerns to this.