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Traveller Review Award 2020to my 3 houses


I am very happy!!

It is very nice to receive these awards from an important customer like

Any job / sport / art / .... well done, needs many hours of effort, and that personal and professional quality to achieve it.

I just want to manage "excellently = maximum profitability" vacation rental homes. But I am faced with the problem that the owners do not value work well done, thanks to a lot of effort, and important knowledge in Marketing, Internet, Social Networks, logistics management, and financial, legal, ...

Therefore, they don't want to pay it, and in that case I don't work, because working for free is for nothing, ja ja. 

Greetings from Francisco Jose Diaque Oliver


Erm ok at first it reads like you host 3 property but then takes a turn to sound like you are not the owner instead a marketer 


Who then vents that the property owner does not value your work for them.


Followed by an Ad , link to your website.


Did I get that right?



Marcus Miguel …

Yes, I have 1 house, and manage 4 house.

In the next future I will manage more house, for that reason we created a company :



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