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Traveller Review Award

Little Palace BNB, will like to express gratitude to for recognition of another award in 2021. Though we are going through tuff times we cannot give up.We thank all our guest that may have contribution to this success. 

To all the other partners on this platform let us continue to exercise stick measures and maintain the Covid 19 protocols.

When the Corona virus last year and many countries were affected some guest were still trying to make their way to our country and property. Those that were at property at the time were not perturbed but continued to enjoy their stay with ease. Our mission was to maintain they safety until their departure.

Covid 19 is here for a while, so let us "Be safe and maintain the protocols".

Marian Langaigne

We at Little Palace BNB will continue to welcome and extend a safe and clean stay environment to our customers maintaining the Covid protocols whenever you return. You are still our best source.