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Well, I'm sure I'm not the 1st and definately won't be the last to say that I am VERY disappointed to hear that we will not be receiving the printed certificates and window-cling stickers this year. make enough £ out of us and all our ridiculous hard work, the least that could be done is send them out.


"When will I receive my Traveller Review Award package?"

This year’s Awards are all-digital, which means you no longer need to wait around to receive your Award in the post. If you’ve won an Award, we’ll let you know by email in January 2021 and we’ll include a link you can use to download your digital Award kit on the Partner Hub.

Your all-digital Award kit contains a letter from our CEO, a shareable digital Award, two printable Awards to display at your property, a digital sticker and tips on how to share the news of your achievement.

You can download your all-digital Award kit until 30 November 2021.




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